Curriculum + programme

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International
Baccalaureate Organisation focuses on the development
of the whole child, from nursery (3 years old) to PYP 5
(10 years old), in the classroom, but also in the world


It offers a framework that meets children’s diverse needs:
academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural.

The PYP is a comprehensive approach
to teaching and learning with an
international curriculum model
that provides:

Content guidelines and learning objectives;

A teaching methodology;

Assessment strategies.

Learning in the PYP is:


We believe children learn best through structured, purposeful inquiry. Students are expected to play an active role in, and take responsibility for, their own learning. Students are encouraged to ask questions, investigate and find ways to answer these questions, and to sustain this enjoyment of learning throughout life.


Learning is a social endeavour, and there is great emphasis on sharing, group work and collaboration at our school. Students learn to communicate well, to encourage each other, and to develop an open mind so they can learn from each other.


The learner is at the heart of our curriculum
framework. Children come to school with a range of experiences, backgrounds and prior knowledge. Teachers in the PYP aim to design learning to suit children at all different levels of competence or experience, providing support for those who need it, and extensions for those who need more challenge.


Students spend their time at school exploring and learning about important concepts that have relevance in their own lives, and that they can transfer to other contexts. Our aim is to develop students’ understanding of big ideas, not just their knowledge or skills..

The curriculum model provides on its outside six Transdisciplinary Themes through which to explore and engage with the content in the different subject areas.

The core of the curriculum model shows the Five Essential Elements common to all teaching and learning: concepts, skills, knowledge, attitudes and action.

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